Beating the House....

_ For far too many avid gamblers, the lights, sounds, climate, and patrons, not to mention a lengthy wait for a table, all serve as a distraction for the main reason to attend a casino to begin with- the gambling. Conversely, casual gamblers and first timers are often intimidated and overwhelmed by the general casino experience. Gambling on the Internet has allowed all of these people a very attractive alternative.

_ At this very moment, somewhere out there in that astounding global megamarket that is called the World Wide Web, the cards are shuffling, the reels are spinning, and the dice are rolling. No more nights spent in smoke-filled rooms guzzling gallons of alcohol while whittling away the family fortune. Online casinos offer the player different kinds of opportunities than land based casinos.

_ The majority of them post odds that are quite comparable to those in Las Vegas. Many people simply do not have the travel time or expenses. Others may find it difficult to find a babysitter. The fact of the matter is that you can play in your pajamas from your home, at a time that is most convenient for you.

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