The Basics of Counting Cards:

__ With the help of computer simulations, Edward Thorp developed one of the most popular counting systems available today. Like his system, most are based on a plus (+) minus (-) system. From this, cards are assigned a value based on this system.

__ If there are more face cards (and Aces) showing, the player has the advantage and conversly, if there are more smaller cards (2,3,4,5,6), the advantage goes to the house. Theoretically, neutral cards are said to be (7,8,9) amd give no advantage to the house nor the player.

__ To use this system, you assign a +1 to each smaller card that comes out and a -1 to each face card. The idea is to keep a running total of the count. Adjust your bet to whether the count has a plus or minus value, and do it without giving anyone the impression that you are in fact counting the cards.

__ This scenario is very basic but it sets the ground work for much more difficult systems of counting cards. Other factors that will effect your counting system are the number of decks used by the dealer and how many players are at the table with you. Counting cards is something that is not learned over night and can only by done (effectively) by a few people in the world.
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