Understanding Counting Systems...

__ The odds of roulette stack up very high against you as the game goes on with the previous system....

__ - The odds of the ball not landing on red is 20/38.

__ - The odds of it not landing on red twice in a row
__   is (20/38) x (20/38) = 100/361.

__ - 3 times (100/361) x (20/38) = 1000/6859

__ The limit for a roulette bet is usually around the $2,500 mark so how many losses will you be able to incur (or afford) before the limit prevents you from getting your head back above water? If your first bet was only $1, you would only be able to double down 11 times in a row before the limit would stop you from doubling again. The odds of you not hitting red 12 times in a row is 4.5 times in 10,000 plays.

__ You can dream up as many different systems as you want but if the math is against you, you will lose. The best system is to look at the odds of each game and see which appeals to you the most. The only sure bet in a casino though is that they house is going to be the only true winner in the room.
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