A Basic System...

10 Cards & Non 10 Cards:

__ WEvery counting system that you will come across will recognize the value of the 10 card (the ten and all face cards) and focus the system around it. The easiest count for anyone to try involves offsetting the 10 cards with the highest valued "non 10 cards" (3,4,5,6 ) to figure out whether the deck is rich with or lacking 10 cards. Each deck of cards has 16 - 10 cards and 16 - "non 10 cards".

__ Now, whenever a 10 card is dealt, you assign a value of minus 1 (-1) to it and a value of plus 1 (+1) to all "non 10 cards" that are dealt, to a running total in your mind. The system is very basic and very simple. You probably won't make a million dollars with it but it will definately help you predict whether you are going to get a 10 to go with your 7 card and 4 card!!


__ Although the Ace has the highest value in the game, it is the second most valuable card when it comes to a card counting system. The Ace can be counted along with the "10 card" system I metioned earlier but to do that, you would have to add the 2 card to the "non 10 card" count to balance out the numbers.

__ A more difficult system of counting Aces would be to do a side count. It is difficult because you will have to determine whether more or less Aces than normal have already been dealt. There is 1 Ace for every 13 cards in a deck so you will have to keep track of a greater number of cards to determine a profitable outcome. It is important to keep track of the Aces though because they carry the value of 1 or 11.
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