Is It All Worth It?

__ Everybody knows that the house has an advantage over the player, right? Otherwise, how would the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip be able to afford their electric bill? When an underdog like yourself implements a card counting system, it will have no effect on the eventual outcome of the will lose! Card systems DO effect the expected duration of the game though.

__ The probability that your chip pile will be increased to a specified level is effected as well. The gambler very rarely walks away from a table with a huge win, never to return again. If this were the case then things would be different but the casino will eventually get some of their money back and if the odds are correct, some of your money as well.

Analyze Your System

__ Let me ask you this question....if I toss a coin in the air 10 times and it lands heads 10 times in a row, what side would you bet on for the next toss? I would bet that 99% of you would bet on seems pretty obvious, or does it?

__ The coin itself has no influence over which side it lands on yet people believe that it will somehow "make things right" by landing tails 10 times in a row. Many also believe that heads will always come up more often due to the weight difference in one side of the coin.

__ If you are one of theose people, have you ever thought about how hard the coin is being flipped? Or if the person is catching the coin and flipping it over in their hand? You have to look at the big picture before you invest your hard earned money into a single system.
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