Understanding Counting Systems:

__ Most people have some sort of system when they bet whether they realize it or not. It could be as simple as increasing your bet as you win or reduce it as you lose. Most of the time these systems are created out of a lucky day at the casino or an unlucky one. You either somehow found a way to claw your way back to a break even point or made some quick cash. Most of these systems are very unreliable and sometimes they can lead to devastating results for the gambler.

__ One multiplicative system that can be extremely risky is called the "Martingale" system. With this system, you double your bet every time that you encounter a loss until you win and then you start over again. This system can be worked so that the player will eventually earn a very small profit but it could also lead to huge losses. A game like roulette is a perfect example of how high the odds are that you will lose big with this system....

__ If you bet $2 and lost then doubled it to $4 and lost and then doubled it to $8 and won, the total profit would be only $2 since you lost $6 betting. This isn't very scary when you are betting a dollar or two but what if your bet started at $100? Can you afford the system? Will your sanity allow you to stick around until it pays off? Not likely!
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